Monday, April 8, 2013

Cat Stark base wip: Painting a stone wall

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

yesterday I painted the stone wall of Catelyns base. took some hours but i´m really satisfied how it turned out.

 This is the palette (VMC) I used:

The trick in my opinion is a first lightness sketch of the wall, so that you have a zenithal light source (can be done via wet in wet sketch or AB) and then apply very thin layers of glazes to the single stones in different colors. So you get a natural variety of stone colors. This is how it looked after that steps:

After that every single stone needs to be shaded down (according to his position on the wall, so upper stones least) and then pure white can be used for highlights. To darken the recesses between the stones I used a black wash I applied carefully only to the areas where needed.

this is a time consuming work, but well worth it in the end!



  1. Hi Nathelis.
    Discovered your blog recently; i like how the wall is looking. Nice tones. Base construction, painting are one of the exciting part of any project. Look forward to see the outcome on this and the 30mm princess of night.


  2. Hi Julian,

    glad to have you onboard :)

    P1per is painting the princess of night (mine is already finished), but i think he will start with her once the Dark elf is finished, so shouldn't be too long for an update on that.

    kind regards