Friday, August 8, 2014

Darksword Sorceress

posted by SelektorKjulu
Hi out there! 

I did a bit of painting. Tried out some new things. Like these paperplants from fredericus rex. I started this tiny Darksword Mini on the second MV workshop in Vienna. Did a bit of sculpting as well, the ruin was done with Milliput. The front side is from the GW "lord of the rings" game. On the backside you can see a bird, a fish and a snail. On top of the Ruins I used gathered moss from the garden. iIbathed it in a mix of 50/50 glycerol and water for about 24 hours. It didn't dry out acompletely, its more like rubber now. Perfect for Airbrushing!

A Sorceress on an adventure, sent out to the Ancient Ruins to find the "The Panax"" the universal Remedy" The Legend says that one drop is enough to cure all sickness. After she filled a little of the juice in her vial, she poured a bit out. Even mice can not resist the smell of the Elixir.
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I also did some Warhammer painting for a comission. 30 dwarf Longbeards

so im waiting up for the next dwarf comission and maybe I prepare for the next showcase project. Hmm maybe the "shaun ram tribe" from Forged Monkey or or again a darksword mini? We will see. 

kind regard, Jürgen