Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Building a tree base

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this time I tried out a tutorial from this blog:

Trull builts fantastic realistic landscapes, if you don't know his site, check it out!

started with simple rocks and some white pumice from vallejo

next step was the hardest, sculpting the roots of the tree (I used 1/3 fimo and 2/3 milliput).

after adding some additional flower soil to the ground, 2K priming with airbrush was done

this was the first sketch with airbrush and a size comparison for 28mm truescale minis.

The green foliage I used on the tree is Naturex from Polak Models. Its better suited for 28mm minis than stuff like from MiniNatur. Flowers and moss on the base was from both manufacturers.

Here are some additional images:

keep on always happy basebuilding,



  1. Great work here Dan! Seriously stepping up your game here.. do you have a model in mind for this base yet?

    1. Hi Kyle,

      thanks :) yep it will be this one:

  2. awesome!!! i would like to post this step by step on Sockelmacher FB site!

  3. You are one of the talented Painters that I´ve seen in my Life...!

    1. thanks Michel, but true to Bob Ross: "everybody can paint, you just need to practice, there are no limits" :)