Saturday, April 20, 2013

Announcement: Brushbrothers Online-Contest

posted by Arne Wilkens
It's exactly one year ago, that me and two painting friends founded a new forum for the painting scene - Brushbrothers!

Today we're proud to announce an online-contest to celebrate our first anniversary.

Unlike usually, we decided to give just one guideline for every participant, so everyone is free in mind to use the full force of his creativity.

The theme for this contest will be "fairy tales".

You are not restricted to any scale or number of miniatures! You just have to create a scene around a real fairy tale. Please attach a link to your chosen fairy tail if you enter a project.

To take part on this online-contest you have to be a registered member of Brushbrothers.

You're allowed to show pictures of your work in progress, but you're not allowed to show your finished work before you've entered it and got a confirmation mail.

The contest starts right now an ends on 31st August '13.

Please send your entry to

You are allowed to use a max amount of 5 pictures with a total seize of no more then 4MB. To verify that you've painted your entry for this contest we please you to attach the following banner with your name on it.

Here's another special thing about this contest. There's no real jury to judge all entries and choose winners. Instead there will be a gallery, allowing every registered user of the forum to vote his favorite 3 projects. Of course, project with higher number of votes wins ;)

Top 3 projects will be awarded with a special medal made for this contest.

Here's a WIP-shot of the current status:

Special Thanks to Dark Spawn, who is sculpting this for us!

We hope that you're interested on this special contest. Take part, be creative and win one of this limited medals!

Feel free to copy and share this announcement so everyone know about it and we get a wide range of entries.

brushbrothers & -sisters Team

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