Sunday, April 14, 2013

Welcome on board, Markus

posted by DarkSpawn

some of you may know me from diverse forums or my blog DarkSpawn's Corner.
Sleipnir and Nathelis asked me if I would like to be a part of this blog, so I'm very happy and proud to say: yes and here I am.

For all of you who don't know me, here are some facts:
My name is Markus, I'm born in 1981 and I live near Koblenz. I'm a sculptor and painter, more or less. I'm in the hobby since 2011, before that I built military model kits and so on. I've got the idea of sculpting because one of my favorite busts was everywhere out of stock. So I tried some sculpting clays like Fimo Air, Milliput etc. and sculpted my first bust. From this day on I couldn't stop and sculpting is now a great passion for me. Sometimes I switch back to my brushes and try to paint a bit.

Here are two pics of my projects I got finished in the last time, not much but I'm working on more. ;-)

The crusader bust in the middle was my first sculpt and the first mini I got painted.

So far


  1. Welcome to the crew here Markus! A great addition to the group.

  2. Thank you! I'm really proud to be a part of this fine blog. :-)