Saturday, June 22, 2013

Exploring BeeSputty!

posted by Arne Wilkens
Good morning guys 'n gals!

It's a beautiful morning over here and I'm already relaxing in the garden. Yep, just before the breakfast. 
Me and my family are on vacation for some days. As my painting equipment wasn't able to find a space to come with me I decided to take some sculpting tools with me and tested the new BeeSputty. 

Here's my result so far, just added basic volumes so far:

As I'm not an experienced sculpteur (this is my 2nd attempt) I'd be happy to receive some feedback from you. 

Soon more pictures for you!

Have a nice weekend. 

Yours Sleipnir

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Portal Magazine No. 32 out now!

posted by Arne Wilkens
Dear readers, 

Today the new issue of the portal magazine is available for download (completely free for all!). 

Within this issue you can find a nice interview with Nathelis. 

Follow this link to take a closer look:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A trale of though

posted by Arne Wilkens
Good morning!

I just found an interesting post in a rather small forum that is worth to be shared I think. 

The Author is talking about different aspects of painting miniatures. Some of those might be worth to always keep in mind for you. So why not taking a peek at it?

He also explain his thoughts by using some pictures to give his words more expression. Though...we all know that a picture tells more then words can do ;)

Here's just a small sneak peek for you, a comparison of the most famous painter in our world:

You don't know who has painted these? Just read the following article behind the link and find out, what binds these together.