Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Say hello to Arne

posted by Arne Wilkens
Welcome (back) to Miniature Fairy Tales!

I'm proud to present you our latest news around this new blog today. We're growing, like a real family.

Many of you may know me and my works from my "old" blog, Painters Delight, or numerous forums around the world wide web. For some weeks now, Nathelis, P1per and me are chatting mostly every day via Skype. Mostly about miniature painting. As time passed by we got to know each other more and more. Shortly after Nathelis and P1per launched this blog, I was interested in being a member. So... today I'm in and ready to share my WIP's, thoughts and finished showcase-projects with you.

Let me introduce you myself... just for those who didn't knew me by now ;)

My name is Arne. I'm aged 28 for some days now and live together with my wife and 2 kids near Hamburg. My painting-biography is rather short as I'm back into this hobby for just a few years now. Back the days I was playing Warhammer and Confrontation. Painting miniatures was more or less a necessity instead of a joy. Some other hobbies and, of course, the growing interest in girls let me quit this path to have more free time. 15 years later I started painting miniatures again. I never really stopped thinking about playing / painting again, but somehow there was always something more important than a new hobby for me. Back in 2010 I painted my first miniature after the restart. Today, 3 years later, I could show off a hand full of miniatures painted in a continuous growing showcase quality.

You'll find those works soon in our gallery. Feel free to take a closer look at those and watch out  for actual and upcoming projects on Fairy Tales Miniatures soon! Here's a small display of my latest works, made for the MV Bananalicious contest:

So far


  1. Hi! Really nice models ... beautifully painted just like all the other miniatures I have seen in this blog. Definitely an inspiration for me to reach such high standards. =) Hopefully one day the miniatures in my blog will look half as good as those here at Miniature Fairy Tales. ^^

    1. Thank you for your kind words FourEyedMonster.
      To reach a higher level of painting miniatures you just have to practice a lot. Painting with friends helps also a lot as each other pushes the output and you'll receive tips and feedback on your progress. There Re numerous great painting workshops around the world too, those will gently push you in the right direction too. I highly recommend to visit one for every painter.
      Thanks again, Arne