Sunday, April 28, 2013

New workspace!

posted by Arne Wilkens
Those who know me by now know that I always had to build up my workspace to start painting and remove everything afterwards to store it in the closet again. Something that keeps me away from painting every now and then as it ever was mindblogging me.

We don't have enough space in our flat to create a workspace there, so I'm using our storeroom in the basement. I had this plan long ago and finally realized it. No one is going to interrupt me there and the temperature is likeable cool in the upcoming hot summer. Best environment for relaxed moments. I also don't have to really keep it clean...just if I have the feeling for. Another good point for this move ;)

So here's my new, fresh organized workspace for painting miniatures after a very short painting session:

Oh, yes, it's cleaned right now. We all know well that it's a point that will change rapidly...

So far


  1. Found your Blog after browsing Admiral Drax.

    Just wanted to say haw much I have enjoyed browsing your pages/projects.


    1. Hey Tony! Thanks for taking a closer look at our works. The content is growing continuously. Feel free to follow us and make us happy :)
      Thanks for naming admiral drax