Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sethin finished

posted by p1per

Finished a new miniature, Sethin from Rackham. In my opinion up until now one of the most beautiful miniatures ever sculpted, at least for me it's an all-time-favourite and finally I haven a painted version sitting in my display cabinet. :)

Hope you like her and if you want to vote:

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Barbarian Dude Collection

posted by Arne Wilkens

It's been a while since I've posted a finished showcase project. But now I'm able to proudly present you my interpretation of the infamous Barbarian Dude. 

Due to it's refreshing and for me very interesting sculpt he was sold out pretty damn fast. So I wasn't able to grab one in time. Maybe I was considering way too much if its worth my money or not. Lucky me that my best friend gave me one to my birthday! :) and what else should I've done then immediately start thinking about what to do with him. 

There are plenty of gorgeous versions of this miniature, like the ones from P1per:

...or Weisern, who've used a nice contrast on his scene:

Some people added a slain beast / giant as a trophy to her base. Something that came to my mind too when I was thinking about a scenery:

And Raffa:

There's even a very simplistic version, painted by Camelson. I think his version was the first painted Dude I've seen on the www:

I knew that I am not a bad painter. But I'm also far away from being one of the top painters right now. 

So my thoughts were stumbling over themselves, searching for an idea to make something different out of my Dude. One of the 350. 

While I was thinking about that I was reading a great fantasy novel, written by David Gemmell. The main character in that story was a a big Dude (Druss) which probably could become my version. Inspired by this I started to think about it. In these books Druss started his journey aged 17, a simple wood worker with raw power in his arms, often describe as a bear due to his appearance. 

Later he became a famous warrior searching for his robbed wife. His journey lasts several years before he was able to find her. Many stories were told about him until that moment, and even more would follow. 

He became an old, wise warrior who never lost his strength. 

So, here's my version of the Barbarian Dude:

Druss The Legend
(also known as Deathwalker)

"Druss is the grandson of Bardan the Slayer, a psychotic madman driven insane by the demon residing within his cursed axe, Snaga the Sender. Druss is described as a physically imposing man, immensely strong but also possessing great speed and dexterity"

I'd be happy to receive some feedback on this on especially on what I could have done better. I'm sure that I won't do any further brushstroke on this project, but it's always a good way to search for improvement for upcoming projects. 

If you want to vote, you can do that right here:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hey, Mr. Rhino - Part II

posted by DarkSpawn
Hey folks,

time for a new update of my Mr. Rhino!

Many things happend in the last weeks, I removed the weapon and armor parts, corrected the body volumes and started from the ground with adding the details and clothing/armor parts.

Sometimes it's a bit hard to sculpt without any concept, but it can be also nice to let things happen and try new stuff to get more experience. It's like sketching out of the head, only with putty instead of paper, the more you try the better you get. ;-)

More details will follow soon!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DKoK: Painting Tutorial

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this time I´m back with a paint scheme tutorial for my new Death Korps of Krieg Army. So this is a small step by step and color recipe article.

I want the Army to look at home at a cold Winter urban fields, or maybe at ash wastes urban field. The colors were chosen with that in mind.

1. Building the miniature and basing it with Vallejo sandy paste, concrete rubble mix, and a little pieces of barbed wire. Priming was done with airbrush and first black, then zenithal white (2K priming).

2. Blending of the trenchcoat. I went for grey-blue winter colors. You'll notice that on the backside the coat is highlighted zenithal downwards, this is done against realism but for a nicer view on the tabletop.

Color recipe for the blending:

VMC Black
VMC Dark Bluegrey
VMC Dark Sea Blue
P3 Trollblood Base
VMC Blue Grey Pale
VMC Pale Blue
VMC White

3. Paint the gasmask, as this is the central theme of the Krieg army I painted it different than the rest of the Model. In very light colors. Note that there is texture on it and it's highlighted around the seams.

Color recipe:
VMC Cork Brown
VMC Iraqui Sand
VMC Deck Tan
VMC White

4. Paint boots and leggins/gloves. For the boots I wanted a worn leathery look. This is achieved by painting sharp highlight dots on the edges. The leggins are simply highlighted in various steps. Always remember where the light hits them from the most commong angle and highlight that part stronger.

Color recipe (boots):

VMC Black/VMC Flat Brown 50/50
VMC Flat Brown
VMC Cork Brown
VMC Iraqui Sand

Color recipe (leggins):

VMC Black/Cork Brown 50/50
VMC Cork Brown
VMC Iraqui Sand
VMC Deck Tan

5. Paint helmet and carapace armour. I wanted them to look black and dark, so while I used my usual silver NMM colors, most of the surface had to remain black with very light highlights, that are blended in a very short space to black. If you make too much of the space a highlight area, it will look grey and not black.

Color Recipe (Black):
VMC Black
VMC Dark Sea Blue
VMC White

6. Paint the violet parts. I choose a cold violet as my company colors. This bonds the army together and differentiates them from other Krieg companies (If i were ever to paint a second company...). Remember, you can desaturate colors by adding a grey of the same lightness level to it. So if the violet you have is too bright and colorful, add a bit of black/grey or white to it.

Color recipe:
VMC Black
VMC Purple
VMC White

7. Paint metallics and grey respirator. Metallics were done in TMM style with Black, GW Chainmail and VMC Metal Medium. First one can mix Black with Chainmail, to get a Dark basecoat of the areas. Then highlight with pure Chainmail and then put dot highlights with Metal Medium where the reflections should be.

The grey parts of the respirator and cable was done in 3 highlightning steps from Black basecoat.

VMC Black/London Grey 30/70
VMC London Grey
VMC White

8. Paint additional parts, pistol holder, knife, Vox cable and Vox

Pistol holder and Knife were blended with the recipe from Step 7. The vox cable was black and P3 Coal Black in different layers of transparency. The Vox itself is painted black and highlighted on the edges with Chainmail and Metal Medium.

9. basing and finishing the miniature

First I applied a layer of AK Fresh Mud to the base, and while this is still wet, put various grey pigments on that. Pk-Pro crushed glass was added for the snowy/ash effect and everything fixed with AK Gravel&Sand Fixer.

Hope you enjoyed that little tutorial, and if you like the miniature, you can vote on CMON for it:

keep on happy painting,


Monday, August 5, 2013

Painting ALEPH the different way

posted by Arne Wilkens
Hey there!

Me and a friend of mine decided to start playing Infinity recently. My decision for the faction was ALEPH. There weren't any game wise thoughts included when deciding what to play, it's just because I like the models of this faction the most.

As I'm not a friend of copying the given color scheme (mostly white, black & pinkish) there's a different scheme on my miniatures with a very limited color palette. I actually used just 2 colors excluding black and white.

This miniature was supposed to be painted in a classic TT-quality. But as I had so much fun painting this little fellow I decided early to aim for a higher quality.

You might notice that he's based on an acrylic disc. Both, me and my friend, are using these to maximise the impression of "non-based" miniatures. And it works. During our first game the full advantage of those bases came through. 

You can find more views over at Putty&Paint as on CMON.

I'd be happy for any comment, critique and vote.

There are some more miniatures of this one on my painting desk. I'm planning to write up a step by step for you. So keep watching ;)