Monday, April 29, 2013

Dissolution of Humanity Pt. I

posted by Arne Wilkens
Hello and welcome back dear readers!

It's time to share some thoughts about my new project with you. Again something special for me, and a good friend of course.

A while ago I got suprised by the Sockelmacher who gave me a miniature to say thank you for our friendship. It's this one:

You can find more views after the jump.

I felt honored and was very happy about that gift! Thanks again my friend, it's a great addition to my display cabinet and I really appreciate your rare free time you've invested in painting this one.

In order to give him something back I was looking for a suitable miniature and find this one, a miniature by Evolution Miniatures:

I immediately had a nice idea and am always playing around how to realize that.

My current plan is an post apocalyptic setting with a wedge of a tank in the background to not disturb from the main character, the stalker. It's the first time for me building and painting a tank. I'll take care of taking a lot I pictures while building up the base later (using a saw to part the tank in a fitting seize of the base...) to show you my progress.

But for now there's just a quick shot of first paint on the stalker:

What do you think about using just a wedge of a tank as a background to present the miniature? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice start into this week and stay tuned

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New workspace!

posted by Arne Wilkens
Those who know me by now know that I always had to build up my workspace to start painting and remove everything afterwards to store it in the closet again. Something that keeps me away from painting every now and then as it ever was mindblogging me.

We don't have enough space in our flat to create a workspace there, so I'm using our storeroom in the basement. I had this plan long ago and finally realized it. No one is going to interrupt me there and the temperature is likeable cool in the upcoming hot summer. Best environment for relaxed moments. I also don't have to really keep it clean...just if I have the feeling for. Another good point for this move ;)

So here's my new, fresh organized workspace for painting miniatures after a very short painting session:

Oh, yes, it's cleaned right now. We all know well that it's a point that will change rapidly...

So far

Friday, April 26, 2013

The druid

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

proud I can show you my latest finished work, a druid mini from Darksword.

I had this "happy little tree" Bob Ross painting feeling while creating her, so, this is my world, I´m the creator, and it´s good how it is!

keep on always painting happy little trees,


Thursday, April 25, 2013

The druid - WIP

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

I´m back with my newest Darksword miniature. Painting her up to fit with the tree base as a druid.

Work has already progressed very far, but I still have to tweak some areas and paint some freehands, afterwards adjust the base to the miniature and put a lot of little animals on there.

keep on painting happy little trees!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nocturna - Princess of Night

posted by p1per

Here we go "finished" version of my Princess of Night. I did tweak some things but at the end I couldn't bring the motivation to push it further. Anyways hope you still like her. :)

And voting links:


Putty & Paint


Monday, April 22, 2013

Nocturna - Princess of Night WIP 22-04

posted by p1per

New WIP of my Princess of Night from Nocturna:

Not sure how much time I will spend on her... right now I'm not really having fun paintin' her and I don't why, I was actually really looking forward to it. :(

Hope you still like the current progress!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

In love with Melissa - Final pictures

posted by Arne Wilkens
Hey hey!

What a great feeling to have finished a project within 2 months! For me that's a new record, serious!

Let me proudly introduce you Melissa and her immortal Schnauzers by Dark Sword Miniatures:

It's the 5th anniversary miniature of their line. You can find some more information (and awesome pics of the green) right here.

Melissa was a special project for me. Started as a demonstration piece on the Hamburg Tactica to explain different techniques to interested visitors she turned out to be a new love for me. Really! Mostly every brushstroke was made with joy and happiness in her.

This project is an exchange miniature for Nathelis. I guess he'll be happy as he loves Dark Sword Miniatures!

Any c&c is highly appreciated. I'd be thankful for a vote too:


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Announcement: Brushbrothers Online-Contest

posted by Arne Wilkens
It's exactly one year ago, that me and two painting friends founded a new forum for the painting scene - Brushbrothers!

Today we're proud to announce an online-contest to celebrate our first anniversary.

Unlike usually, we decided to give just one guideline for every participant, so everyone is free in mind to use the full force of his creativity.

The theme for this contest will be "fairy tales".

You are not restricted to any scale or number of miniatures! You just have to create a scene around a real fairy tale. Please attach a link to your chosen fairy tail if you enter a project.

To take part on this online-contest you have to be a registered member of Brushbrothers.

You're allowed to show pictures of your work in progress, but you're not allowed to show your finished work before you've entered it and got a confirmation mail.

The contest starts right now an ends on 31st August '13.

Please send your entry to

You are allowed to use a max amount of 5 pictures with a total seize of no more then 4MB. To verify that you've painted your entry for this contest we please you to attach the following banner with your name on it.

Here's another special thing about this contest. There's no real jury to judge all entries and choose winners. Instead there will be a gallery, allowing every registered user of the forum to vote his favorite 3 projects. Of course, project with higher number of votes wins ;)

Top 3 projects will be awarded with a special medal made for this contest.

Here's a WIP-shot of the current status:

Special Thanks to Dark Spawn, who is sculpting this for us!

We hope that you're interested on this special contest. Take part, be creative and win one of this limited medals!

Feel free to copy and share this announcement so everyone know about it and we get a wide range of entries.

brushbrothers & -sisters Team

Friday, April 19, 2013

Alice - a fallout scene

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this miniature is an exchange gift for a friend. He likes the post-apo setting so I said: "yea let's give it a try"

I wasn't very satisfied with the miniature, but managed to pull through all those fail casted parts. Anyways, while there were hard times while painting there were also fun times, like creating the fallout atmosphere and playing with rust and pigments. Another lesson learned :)

keep on painting happy little trees folks,


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to paint lichens on trees / rocks

posted by Arne Wilkens
Hey ho, it`s time for my first video-tutorial.

In this short video I'll show you how to easily create lichens on wooden surfaces like tree-bark, any wooden panels (like on a bridge) or even rocks. Small details like this will move you a step further for a more realistic base.

But before I am going to show you how to do this we need some pictures for reference:

...followed by 2 painted bases with lichens on them:

It's rather easy to paint those. Here's a short instruction, followed by a video to get a better feeling for that.

Step 1: painting the surface (rocks, trees, wooden surface)

Step 2: Mix paint with a lot(!) of water. Dilute the paint more then the mixtures you're using for creating a smooth blending. Add a blob of this mixture to the surface.

Step 3: Immidiately afterwards use a dry brush and soak up the blob. What remains is our result.

Happy testing!

Building a tree base

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this time I tried out a tutorial from this blog:

Trull builts fantastic realistic landscapes, if you don't know his site, check it out!

started with simple rocks and some white pumice from vallejo

next step was the hardest, sculpting the roots of the tree (I used 1/3 fimo and 2/3 milliput).

after adding some additional flower soil to the ground, 2K priming with airbrush was done

this was the first sketch with airbrush and a size comparison for 28mm truescale minis.

The green foliage I used on the tree is Naturex from Polak Models. Its better suited for 28mm minis than stuff like from MiniNatur. Flowers and moss on the base was from both manufacturers.

Here are some additional images:

keep on always happy basebuilding,


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catelyn Stark - Base almost finished

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this time i´m back with an update for the base of my Catelyn Stark from Darksword.

I received a huge package from Polak Models with incredible detailed miniature grass and foliage. So I had to try them out on the base.

Next step will be to paint the miniature, but soo many projects are waiting here, can't say which I´m going to finish first.

keep on always paintin,