Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dark Elf and Princess Update

posted by p1per

As promised yesterday here's an update on my Dark Elfs base.

What happened: After adding some pva glue mixed with baking soda to create some grout almost all the definition and structure of the floor was gone. So it would have been a pain to paint and probably wouldn't look as good. Therefore I decided to re-do the whole base. :D

I didn't have another plinth in that particular size around so I had to modify the one I screwed up. First thing needed to was to get rid of the milliput. Not an easy task when it's already rock-hard. My choice fell on cutting off the upper part of the plinth and that's how it looked like after the operation:

My plan was to rebuild the plinth with plaster 'cause as you can see there wasn't much left of it. ;) In order to support the plaster and give it something to hold on to I drilled some holes in the plint and also glued some paper-clips in random places:

Now I cut out a form shaped like the plinth + wall from plasticcard and glued/fixed it onto the plinth. I thought I took some pictures of that step but it seems like I didn't or lost it - sry for that - but here's how the plinth looked after removing the plasticcards:

Fun part incoming... scratching alle the little stones in the plaster *yay*... not. After 1.5h the floor was done:

Moving onto the wall and stairs... another 2hours later I was finally done (I also added some damage and irregularities to the stones):

Last but not least (primed and basecoated):

...and now it's time to start painting it. ;)

One more thing - besides the base of my elf - I also did some rough sketching on the base of my Princess of Night:


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