Sunday, April 21, 2013

In love with Melissa - Final pictures

posted by Arne Wilkens
Hey hey!

What a great feeling to have finished a project within 2 months! For me that's a new record, serious!

Let me proudly introduce you Melissa and her immortal Schnauzers by Dark Sword Miniatures:

It's the 5th anniversary miniature of their line. You can find some more information (and awesome pics of the green) right here.

Melissa was a special project for me. Started as a demonstration piece on the Hamburg Tactica to explain different techniques to interested visitors she turned out to be a new love for me. Really! Mostly every brushstroke was made with joy and happiness in her.

This project is an exchange miniature for Nathelis. I guess he'll be happy as he loves Dark Sword Miniatures!

Any c&c is highly appreciated. I'd be thankful for a vote too:


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  1. Wow, that is just superb. Great job on the cloak and the design on the back, and the dogs are ready to jump out of the picture!