Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting a freehand: Laurel wreath

posted by Arne Wilkens
Yesterday I've found some time to continue with details on Melissa (and her immortal Schnauzers). Just a few hours left till completion. Finally...

I have the strong feeling to start something else BUT I have to resist to ever finish her. In the past it was always the same: Starting a project full of motivation. Then, there was a strange feeling to start something else to not get bored or to realize an idea that popped in my mind. But I've promised myself to stop working on different projects at once. And it works! (So far).

Back to Melissa.

To fill the space on her cape I decided to add another simple freehand as an additional nice detail and for practice. There were just two basic freehands that I've painted before. So here's my 3rd one.

Step 1: searching for a draft (use google i.g.)

Step 2: painting a rough sketch.

I've started with a circle to get the correct shape and used a simple trick to not paint it over and over again. I' ve just used a wet brush and draw lines until satisfaction. If its like I like it I've grabbed the other brush with paint on it and simply followed the watered line.

Step 3: Working out details
For this I've used the color recipe Nathelis has shown a while ago over at the brushbrothers forum, just with some tweaks. I'm sure he'll share it on this blog too.

Step 4: Cleaning work and final lights

Sorry, pictures are not the best. Just be patient and wait for final pictures of this project to get a better view.

If you've missed previous WIP's of Melissa feel free to check them here, here and here.

Have a nice weekend!

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