Friday, September 13, 2013

WIP: Grey Knights Terminator Squad (finished)

posted by p1per

Here we go, finished Grey Knights Squad. Well, they are still "WIP" but my part of the commission is done (only TMM parts). All the other details will be painted by the customer.

Pictures are not that great but guess better than nothing (it's a pain in the a.. to take decent pictures of miniatures that only consist of metallic paint *arg*). ;)

Squad Front

Squad Back

Single Miniature Views

..and if you missed my other WIP post here's my color recipe for the painted TMM parts:


Top Highlight: Vallejo Air Aluminium #71.062
1st Highlight: GW Mithril Silver

Basecoat: GW Boltgun Metal 

1st Shadow: Reaper Brilliant Blue #09116
2nd Shadow: P3 Coal Black
3rd Shadow: P3 Coal Black : GW Chaos Black ( 1 : 1 )

Shadows are glazed in multiple layers over the basecoat to get a smooth transition and to have matt non-reflective shadows.


Highlights: Vallejo Game Color Polished Gold #72055

Basecoat: GW Shining Gold

Shadows: GW Scorched Brown

Same here for the shadows as with the silver - glazing multiple layers over the basecoat and getting more opaque towards the deepest shadows.

So long!


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