Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Selektorkjulu´s first strike!

posted by SelektorKjulu

I am new at Miniature Fairy Tales. I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Jürgen, I'm 30 and I live in Lower Austria, close to the Danube. When I was still in school I collected some Wahammer 40k stuff. But due to the fact that I didn't know anyone who played at that time, I gave up on this game. Now it took me two years to get back into the hobby. At the moment I'm just building an orcs and goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy. Occasionally I play some tournaments with my dwarfs. In my opinion I´m the worst general in the Warhammer universe. The aspect of painting has always fascinated me more and I want to take a nicely painted army into battle, so I am constantly striving to deliver beautiful results. Of course there is still a lot to learn. In order to train my skills I also paint showcase miniatures. From mini to mini it gets better and better. So I show you my last figurines.

This is a huge model. But with the help of my airbrush it wasn't so time consuming. I'm a big fan of the forest goblin models with yellow warpaint on. In the preparation of the figures I've made ​​sure that all the little Goblins are sanded and I removed the flash. Of course it is a model which I take to battle, so not everything has to be perfect but the overall impression must be right.

So, here is my last work. This I have completed for the Brushbrothers and Sisters Fairy Tale contest. I call it "A day in R'lyeh (Cthulhu Mythos)" Its the Bathalian from Reaper.

A lot of emotions connect me with this piece. As yet so a lot has gone wrong and I was close to tears. I used the wrong water. The plan was to pour a body of water all around. Instead of a two component artificial water I took the natural water from "Faller". Epic Fail. Bu the time I had for the contest ran out and I had to finish it quickly. Unfortunately there was also no time to sand the base, it´s just black paint over milliput. Somehow this miniature is like a piece of my soul. So for the deadline I had to face this is the optimal solution.

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thanks in advance

I hope you liked my first blog entry . Next time I will show you my 41 night goblins who are now on my workbench and beg for color.

See you soon


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