Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Digest #2: Lipstick, powder and paint

posted by Arne Wilkens
Welcome to the second episode of

Weekly digest!

A biweekly summary of links guiding you to great tutorials, product reviews worth a look, breath takingly painted miniatures, interesting sculpts and awesome inspirational sources. 

If you've missed the first part of this sumamry you can find it here

This time I've collected more inspirational links then miniatures. So prepare for a lot of quiet interesting step-by-step articles, reviews and tutorials!


  • Chris Clayton, the person behind Modelworks showed his way of creating a stunningly realistic painted face on a 1/6 scale bust. Although this news got already around I'll name it here as it is realy stunning and should be seen by many many people! Above you see a first shot of the finished bust by Mathieu Fontaine that I've found over at facebook.
  • How to make spikes out of iron powder and superglue by Weisern
  • Do you ever wanted to know how people create a realistic asphalt on their bases? Then you should take a look at this tutorial over at The Brush Brothers Blog
  • Here's a late, but different review of the Games Day Germany written by one of the judges.
  • And as we're into the games day here you have the first 2 articles about Roman's massive Diorama which got him the Slayersword. Part 1 and Part 2
  • If you're still looking for a solution to transport your figurines I have 2 options for you (and a third one will follow soon on this blog!): Go the simple route and buy a completed box (a nice review of the box hobbyzone offers) or use parts of our favorite store IKEA. (a self made, low budget box)
  • Some interesting thoughts and pictures about Reapers first Kickstarter: Reaper Bones
  • Simon Miniatures is known for exquisite miniatures. Here's a review of his Sigfried.



If you've found any article, miniature or inspirational pictures feel free to contact me so I can add it to the next weeks episode of weekly digest!
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  1. Excellent links. The face is incredible....not only that but the way he´s created the design on the helmet and the material effect on the sleeves etc.
    The iron filings one...I wonder if they could be spray painted to look like ice for example?