Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hey, Mr. Rhino - Part III

posted by DarkSpawn
Hi folks!

Time for a great update of  Mr. Rhino!

Many things happend since the last update, I changed the loincloth, which was looking like a skirt, added some armor parts and so on. For the forged look of the armor parts I used a dental tool called "Kugelstopfer" in german, I don't know the correct name in english, but here is a (crappy) picture from my tool. You can find it on eBay or Amazon for example.

And now pictures, please. ;-)

I also started a first sketch of his weapon. We will see if it would fit with some more details on.

So long!



  1. so where can I place my order? Great!

  2. Thanks! :)
    If copies are available I will post it on the blog. ;)

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