Monday, September 9, 2013

Busy at the Warhammer Workbench

posted by SelektorKjulu

As I said im building up a O&G army. Well this odysee will take a bit. because I dont want a dipped army. So I will show you my work in progress on my  40  nightgoblins mob. I want that every little gobbo is still unique. I startet with a reddish brown, and highlighted the cape with an old GW paint - Ruby red. Then I painted freehands with an dark orange on their capes. Its like Zen and the art of painting a Goblin Mob. there is still a lot to do and no end in sight.

On the other side of my workbench there is a GW Ghorgone, a very tall model im doing for a commission. I´m shure that guy will never put this model on the gaming table, because it's not very good in battle. This one is great for painting Skin though. Here I can practice with my airbrush. On the model I just did some pre shading. I also will paint his head first so he is decapitated at the moment.

I also have new ideas for my next showcase project. On a hiking trip last week I found this skeletal flower. I´m not sure but think it's a thistle. I want to combine it with the concubine from Hasslefree on the base. Maybe i will build up a dryad or something similar.

So lets tidy up my workbench so work can continue. see ya!

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