Saturday, March 30, 2013

Babyface skin

posted by Nathelis
Hi folks,

this time I will talk a little bit of how painting tiny faces. As a lot of Miniatures are really detailed (Darksword, I´m looking at you), one can paint incredibly detailed faces without having to resort to freehands.

For example, this is the face of the Song of Ice and Fire Series Mini, Ser Loras Tyrell, the eyes are perfect sculpted, facial features are well defined, the mini is just really joy to paint.

Color recipe (all Vallejo Model Colors):

50/50 Chocolate Brown / Tan Earth
50/50 Tan Earth / Cork Brown
Cork Brown
Flat Flesh
50/50 Light Flesh/Beige Red

Skin variance and shadows: Burnt Cadmium Red

Most important here is a good brush, a WN7 1 long is the best tool for that in my opinion. Even the tiny reflection dot in the eye can be painted with that amazing brush.

Two base Layers were applyed with 1:1 Paint/Thinner Medium, after that about 2 times more water was added and all the highlights/shadows were glazed/layered, the importance here is that your paint is really wet, but you have to take the water out of the brush before going onto the miniature. I use a lintless microfibre cloth for that.

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