Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scale75 - Dark Elf WIP1

posted by p1per

Currently I'm working on my Dark Elf from Scale75 which I plan to enter in a contest... deadline's in two weeks so not much time left. ;)

This hasn't all been done today. ;) I actually started painting him at the beginning of March

I still have a lot of things to do and/or fix but I wanted to paint... or lets say "sketch" everything as good as possible without it taking too much time and then move to the base.

No sooner said than done!

Worked on his base today.. well.. it didn't go as fast as I wished, I also had some trouble "glueing" the wall onto the plinth... hope it will stay where it is once the Milliput dries. Guess I will know tomorrow. :D But here some pics:

Plan for tomorrow is to do some finishing touches for the raw base, fix some spots like the transition between the wall / floor and start painting it. :)


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