Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating Mud: Part II (picture heavy)

posted by Arne Wilkens
In my last post I was talking about an upcoming step by step on my try for painting the rain-oil-cape (right word? I guess you know what I mean) with oils. Sadly I failed here due to my missing experience and switched over and back to acrylics. 

But I don't want to withhold the few pictures I've made for the planned step by step. Beware of some ugly pictures... I do believe that I've not diluted my oils enough. But I wasn't in the mood to test it again as progress on this miniature was a bit further at that time:

 First rough presketching

Oils painted on different areas of the hood before blending those together

And here's the result after blending colors together and drying the oils on the oven. Do you see the grainy texture all over the cape? :/

So let's go ahead. Here's the actual status of the stalker painted with acrylics. He's slowly coming to an end. 

Any C&C are highly appreciated. What are you thinking? Does he goes in the right direction?

Read you soon! 

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