Saturday, May 25, 2013

Barbarian Dude: Base WIP-Log

posted by p1per

Long time no see ;) I haven' posted in quite some time now but I will make up for it with an in-depth WIP-Log of the base I built for my next miniature which will be no other than the Barbarian Dude.

So let's get started:

First thing was to prepare the plinth cut off a piece and make some cuts here and there so the surface would look more natural. Next I glued some corkboard in the back which I will use as a filler for a mountain(-"wall") so I won' have to use so much putty. ;) Afterwards I covered the ground as well as the corkboard with milliput.

So the basis was done, now time for details. I added some minor adjustments to ground and sculpted the mountain.

Next one was easy ... glueing some soil to the ground. :D

Sanded the sides of the plinth and made some adjustments to the stones

Finally time to prime the whole thing - for this part I used a combination of black and white paint:

And last but not least ;) now with some paint on:

And that's it so far. Next steps will be to fill the pond (that cut-out piece) with some 2k water and start paintin' the Dude - FINALLY! :D

So long

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