Monday, June 1, 2015

posted by SelektorKjulu
 Hi ladies and gentleman! Thanks for so many likes so far! I don´t know where the likes all come from but Miniature fairy tales is growing and growing ;)
A few weeks ago Nathelis asked me why i post my pics just at jays wargame painting. He said i should take the chance and spread the wargame painting vibe i have here. Im shure i cant deliver the quality of Nathelis pics, but my phone is doing pretty good. Well just good..... Maybe after the next couple of commissions im able to buy a new camera. I always say this and buy other stuff instead ;)

So here is a couple of dwarf gyrocopter pics i did the last days, i really like the scale 75metallics. The cauldron of blood is painted in a very low standard just in the witches i took more effort.
And i want to give you a comparison why i need a better camera and equipment. the picture above is done with a SLR camera and know how in lightroom and photoshop for simple corrections of contrast.

the next weeks are filled with miniatures from mierce for a private collector. If you are interested you can have a look here -------->

thanks for watching :) regards Jürgen aka Selektorkjulu

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