Monday, May 26, 2014

Luz - back from the Massive Vodoo workshop

posted by Nathelis

I´m back from the Massive Vodoo Beginners Workshop in Vienna! As I took the class the second time, I could paint what I wanted and I chose Luz and wanted to specialise on two (three) aspects:

- Leather
- True Metallic Metal
- Hair

What can I say? Roman was really helpful, he showed me a complete new way of painting leather and I was really motivated. Was a crazy weekend with over 20 hours of painting, lots of great people and meeting new and old friends.

So is it worth going to the beginners class a second time? Definately! I would say going a second time is even better!. Will be attending a third time in the future...hopefully soon.

Here are the results of the about 85% finished Luz, I will invest some  hours this week but she should be finished by end of the week. Stay tuned for that!


Daniel aka Nathelis


  1. Utterly awesome paintjob so far! Love it :D

  2. Very nice. I painted this miniature some months ago and it was a awesome experience. i think you have done a very good job on her skin, metallic and the leather parts and the only thing that does not fit me are her eyes because they are too small. I would have painted them to wider and more open. I think the finished work will be grate :D