Friday, July 12, 2013

Hey, Mr. Rhino - WIP

posted by DarkSpawn
And here we go...again!

Good morning folks!
Long time no see. ;-) But the last weeks I was very busy testing the good new sculpting-putty "BeesPutty" from Masq-Mini by Stefan Niehues. I love that stuff more and more I work with.
You can apply it directly on the wire without the need of a Green Stuff layer, really great.
It's available in two grades, the normal one (like butter from the fridge, easy to knead) and a firmer one, very good for fine details or a stable frame.

One of the results is actually a wip I started last week sunday, but in fact since I don't have a reference it's still a bit of a mess to sculp.
It all starts like every time with a wireframe, followed by a quick sketch of volumes and proportions.

 After a short time of sculpting I changed the pose of the right arm.

For testing purposes I added some stuff to get an overview how it could look.

After that I started to define the face.

Next steps will be correcting the body volumes to get a homogeneous shape and working on the details.

See you soon with some more progress on the Rhino!


  1. Blimey!!!! The face is already lovely...really stunning sculpting!

  2. very nice! Realy like the character of the face.